FOUNDATIONS OF PRECISION MEDICINE is a digital learning course devised with those already successfully using precision medicine in their respective fields. The course is designed to give participants an overview of the field of Precision Medicine and its associated opportunities. As a successful participant, you will leave the course able to articulate what precision medicine is and relate its impact in your present and future both professionally and as a recipient of healthcare services.  

As part of this course you will: 

  • Gain access to a unique and modern learning platform, 
  • Have the opportunity to connect on projects with peers from around the world who work in clinics, genomics, information technology, pharmacology, research, and more, 
  • Connect and learn from the world’s leading precision medicine experts from Germany, the UK and the USA.  

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12 weeks
6-8 hours per week


1.500 EUR




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12 weeks 6-8Hrs / week


1.500 EUR



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By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define and discuss what genomics and precision medicine are at a foundational level from a biological standpoint in relation to healthcare;
  • Give examples of how genomics and precision medicine are currently used in relation to healthcare employees, stakeholders and patients and synthesize its potential impact for the upcoming years;
  • Outline the scientific, policy, and ethical implications that genomics can have within healthcare application(s) for all stakeholders;
  • Recognise the key players in Precision Medicine in terms of both researchers and stakeholders;
  • Explain why incorporating digital health technologies into the healthcare workforce will not make healthcare workers superfluous.


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Work with real cases

Project-based learning gives you and your team real-world insight. Work with a use-case or develop your own application based on innovative precision medicine solutions in healthcare.

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Join a network of professionals

Engage with a growing network of professionals from around the world who are excited to learn more about precision medicine.

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Learn from experts

Benefit from experts in precision medicine from around the world, have your questions answered by them, and your global community of professionals.

Understand the need

Build and develop your knowledge in precision medicine from the top people in the field. Learn how to apply the information to your life personally and professionally. 


Eligibility for a Certificate of Completion:

While this course is open to anyone with an interest in learning about precision medicine, EDU knows that assessment drives learning. This award makes use of group and individual assignments to encourage participants to think critically about sensitive issues and learn from both their community and tutor feedback and discussion. Therefore, in order to successfully complete the course and to be eligible to earn the Certificate of Completion, a minimum of 59% must be achieved overall, as well as a pass on the final proctored exam. Please note that the language of tuition for this course is English, therefore English proficiency at a B2 or higher is strongly recommended. In addition, as this course is held online, moderate digital competencies are also necessary.

EDU's Precision Medicine course is supported by a community of medical experts, including:

Dr.  Henri Michael von Blanquet  M.D., MaHM
Dr.  Henri Michael von Blanquet  M.D., MaHM Founder of the PRECISION MEDICINE ALLIANCE (PMA)
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"My motivation is healing and prevention. That’s precision medicine. What we’re moving towards is not only more precise diagnosis, but better prevention and better health for all"
Dr. Saskia Biskup,      Practice for Human Genetics, Tübingen
Dr. Saskia Biskup, Practice for Human Genetics, Tübingen Co-Founder Centre for Genomics & Transcriptomics (CeGaT)​
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"Precision medicine is the future. As a practitioner and specialist in human genetic medicine, I work with patients on a day to day basis and understand the impact faster and more efficient genetic diagnostics can have. Genetic diagnosis is the start to the best and most precise therapy for patients - what matters more than that?"
Dr. med. Jasper zu Putlitz
Dr. med. Jasper zu Putlitz Lecturer at the Hasso Plattner Institute Digital Health Center.​
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"By digitising our healthcare system where we can and educating those it impacts - from its patients to healthcare industry stakeholders - we are moving toward providing better healthcare, one that is patient-focused and personalised."
Dr. Dirk Evers ​
Dr. Dirk Evers ​Respected consultant in precision medicine and biotechnology. Former Senior Advisor, New York Genome Centre. ​
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"This opportunity is highly motivating to me. That is, to play a part in optimising the production and flow of information in the healthcare system – in effect, to fundamentally improve the system –  and thereby positively affecting the lives of everyone." ​
Dr. med Sylvester von Bismarck, MBA
Dr. med Sylvester von Bismarck, MBAConsultant for Vivantes Network for Health GmbH, Department of Paediatric Surgery and Second Chairman for the German Society for Prevention of Child Protection in Medicine
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“The new Generation Y shows us that they think in another way than we thought 30 years ago, and this is only the beginning of an entirely different role for doctors.”


Over the 12 weeks, learners will complete a group assignment, make professional connections in the precision medicine community, participate in self-assessments, and take a final exam.

This Module presents participants with an introduction to the topics of Precision Medicine and Genomics, as well as the foundational terms needed for the upcoming Modules.

Some topics to be covered are: Genomics, Transcriptomics, Epigenomics and the Microbiome; The Human Genome Project and the 1000 Genomes Project; Real World Data, Medical Health Records and Imaging; the Basic Model and Structure of Precision Medicine; Information Technology and Infrastructure; Knowledge Generation through Machine Learning and Other Techniques; and more!

This Module showcases today’s implementation of Precision Medicine through PM Centers and covers some of the main issues with the traditional “one-size-fits-all” medical model.

Some topics to be covered are: What is PM, where is it today, why is it important; Ethics and GDPR; The Paradigm Shift in Disease Classification and Clinical Trial Design; Precision Medicine Centers today; Population-Scale Genomics.

In the final Module for this program, learners will be exposed to the future of Precision Medicine in relation to their own health and healthcare. More specifically, they will learn about a more unified medical model and the impact the digitization of medical data will have on healthcare systems.

Topics will include: Bioprinting Technologies, Wearables Related to Health, Human Cell Atlas Project; Bio and Organ Printing Technologies; Regenerative Medicine, and More; The Impact of Digitalization and PM on Healthcare Systems.


Founded in June 2018, EDU is a brand of Digital Education Holdings Ltd. (DEH), a private institution for higher education, with a vision to substantially increase the quality and accessibility of education.

EDU is truly a digital native institution. Its degree course include Europe’s first digital medical school – EDU Medical and its course in Human Medicine. EDU’s state-of-the-art digital learning platform offers a 21st Century education model incorporating modern didactic methodologies and is fully accessible to students and learners wherever they are.

Alongside its Human Medicine Degree course, EDU is excited to be launching the Foundations in Precision Medicine Course in early 2020. In collaboration with the Precision Medicine Alliance and XPOMET, this course focuses on the field of precision medicine and how stakeholders – medical students, medical staff, scientists, modern clinical practitioners  may become involved.  


At EDU our aim is to make high-quality education available to anyone who is passionate about studying healthcare and medicine. Through our agile medical and health-related degree and vocational courses, we are transforming the way healthcare professionals and citizens are educated. EDU provides a distance learning experience that is collaborative and student-centric, where we put competencies above rotary knowledge. By having theoretical foundations linked to real-life use cases, our students excel in our courses because they know how to apply what they have learned to their careers and further educational aspirations. 

EDU course consist of high-quality digital content, available to students in a tailored virtual learning environment where they work in small teams to solve tasks and receive individual feedback from dedicated tutors.


Dr. Henri Michael von Blanquet

Dr. Dirk Evers

Dr. Saskia Biskup

Dr. Lawrence Samuel Friedman, MD

Johannes Starlinger, Dr.-Ing.



The content for the FOUNDATIONS IN PRECISION MEDICINE course was designed alongside the Precision Medicine Alliance and XPOMET, and the course design team at EDU. The team at EDU remains in close contact with both PMA and XPOMET to ensure that the course offerings remain relevant and monitored. The course provider is EDU.

EDU is a brand of Digital Education Holdings. Ltd. <>, a Higher Education Institution licensed by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (Licence Number: 2018-010). 


Working in a team, you will be asked to move through a sequence of three modules that will help you learn about the foundational principles of precision medicine. Each module requires you to complete an assignment with your team members. These assignments bring you through a process of identifying and profiling a real-world case in order to help you gain direct insight into the field of precision medicine.

Currently the course is offered only in English.​


You will be able to communicate with your team and the wider programme community directly on the online platform. You are free to use additional communication tools and methods as you see fit.​

To work with your team, you will have a collaborative workspace where you can co-create multi-media projects.

Yes! We believe that the best solutions are developed when people come together, bringing the diversity of their experiences and ideas to the table to work towards a shared goal. Note that in order to be eligible for a Certificate of Completion, you are expected to engage in group work and submit your mandatory group assignments

Yes, every step of the way. A mentor and tutor will be assigned to your team to provide guidance as you make your way through the course. Your tutor will give you meaningful feedback on your work at each stage of the program, while your mentor will coach you throughout the learning experience and help guide you toward the answers to any other course-related questions you may have.


You have two options, pay in full, or you can pay 20% to ensure your spot and are due to pay the remainder within 45 days.

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